About Us

Founded and established in Central Florida, The Hide Shop began in 2006 when a well-known luxury branded wallet started coming apart after only a few years in service. After examining the flaws and breaking points, Edward, The Hide Shop's founder, decided to learn more about the leatherworking trade. Under the guidance of a leatherworker trained in the old ways when everything was made by hand, Edward learned and mastered the techniques of the old world, and applied them to making products relevant in the new world.

Fast forward through years of making wallets, key chains, and of course, custom watch straps for himself and close friends, the decision was made to bring these products to market. Each piece is cut by hand from premium hides tanned in the U.S.A. Each seam is manually hole punched with an awl, and hand stitched using a traditional saddle stitch process and/or sewn using a vintage sewing machine and finished by hand. The end product is not only beautiful, but durable.

All of the products are made using leather from tanneries such as  Horween, Hermann Oak, and SB Foot. Each item is made in the traditions of the old world, when things lasted for decades rather than years. The Hide Shop brings its products back from a time when something like a wallet lasted twenty years, instead of going through twenty wallets within a few years.